Why You Should Choose Happiness…

In my past few blogs I’ve really focused on getting happier and transitioning into a more positive state of mind with the help of the amazing sessions offered through Positive Prime.

I was excited to see they’re partnered with Shawn Achor, a Harvard researcher in the area of positive psychology and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Happiness Advantage”. Shawn encourages incorporating positive visual elements into your everyday life and through his work he’s been able to change millions of lives with his approach.

In his book, he explains how new research in psychology and neuroscience shows that we become more engaged, more creative, more energic and much more productive when we’re positively primed. Shawn goes on to explain how we can “reprogram our brainsto become more successful.

Individuals who approach their day in a positive manner display key improvements such as:

  • 23% Lower Stress Levels
  • 25% Greater Performance
  • 34% Better Social Interactions / Relationships
  • 37% Higher Sales Achievements
  • 39% More Likely To Live To Age 94
  • 39% Increased Health
  • 40% More Likely To Receive A Promotion
  • 50% Lower Chance Of Heart Disease

In a video on the Positive Prime website, Shawn explains that happiness is a choice. Yes, I said a choice!  We tend to start our day with negative images from various forms of print and online media and this information impacts our brain in a negative way. By focusing on more positive imagery we can program our brains to retain the positive messages that are being visually sent, up to 8 hours after viewing them! At the same time we’re being emotionally primed to start our day in a positive way.

In addition to these mental benefits there is also a direct correlation to improved, overall physical health. Positive Priming can help reduce acute physical symptoms and therefore shorten a hospital stay or quicken your overall recovery time from illness. It’s truly amazing how the brain works to heal.

Click below to watch and hear more about Shawn’s insightful views:

I encourage us all to take Shawn’s advice and make positive sessions part of our morning routine… Positivity breeds positivity but it certainly starts from within so I say get happier, just for the health of it!

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