Resilience Reset Challenge: Spend time in nature

At the cottage

After several weeks of cottage living, I am feeling more serene and rejuvenated.

It’s not only taking in the wonderful lakeside view or the gorgeous sunsets. It’s the chance to live in the present in all of the beauty of nature – a place that is perfect for meditation.

Walking meditations are a great way to bring that feeling of calm —  and are the fifth strategy of  The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge, to help you strengthen your resilience and improve your health and happiness.

When you meditate while strolling through nature, you can allow your mind to rid itself of thoughts and simply focus on the moment.

If you do walking meditations, take very slow and deliberate steps so that you can really pay attention to everything around you.

Use all of your senses – sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell — to help you be in the now.

When I was at the cottage, I took notice of the lake water stretching to the horizon, the beauty of the sunset reflections, and the greenery all around me.

I felt the gentle blowing of the wind in my hair and the soft grass under my feet.

I heard the birds chirping, the frogs croaking , the ducks quacking and even the motors on the boats going by.

I smelled the flowers in bloom and the food cooking on the barbecue. I tasted the differences of every morsel of food that came off that barbecue.

Like I did at the cottage, notice everything without making any judgments. Just take it in. Moving at a slower pace allows you to absorb all the smallest details of what’s around you.

To help you stay in the moment, let go of your thoughts, especially those that are negative or ruminating.

If your mind wanders and your thoughts start to move elsewhere, don’t judge yourself. Simply refocus to bring your mind back to the present.

And really appreciate everything that you experience. Having gratitude goes a long way in creating positive feelings.

You don’t have to be at a cottage to do walking meditations. Go anywhere that you can be  surrounded by and immerse yourself in nature, whether a city ravine trail or a park, along a river or in your backyard.

There is no set time for how long to practice walking meditations. Do them as often as or for however long you can.

Really focusing on the beauty of nature and, at the same time appreciating it all, is emotionally and physiologically renewing, and a great way to reset yourself.

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