Forward-thinking U.S. schools add EFT to teaching toolboxes

Forward-thinking schools are now adding Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as tapping, to their teaching toolboxes, and seeing the benefits it can bring to everyone, from principals to teachers, admin staff and students.

Tapping has been proven to be a very effective self-regulation and resiliency tool. One key benefit is that it can be used right away at a stressful moment to immediately help the nervous system move away from a fight-flight-freeze reaction to a more calm and capable response.

When school staff use EFT to clear their own energy, they not only feel more positive energy themselves, but it gets paid forward to students.

Students themselves are also directly using the technique for their own benefit.

In this dynamic video, students in a U.S. middle school discuss how EFT helps them with their stress and schoolwork. Teachers and a principal speak about the positive effects that tapping has on their classroom, helping students become more focused, grounded, productive, and generally feeling more accepted.

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