Understanding neuroplasticity to dial down persistent pain

Studies show that  understanding how our pain system works, what can go wrong with it, and the concept of neuroplasticity can help decrease chronic or persistent pain, promote faster healing and transform lives.

Sentis, an Australian company concerned with workplace safety, has come out with a series of  “brain animation” videos  that simplify complex psychology and neuroscience to help people understand how their brain works.

The most popular of these videos, which have been used globally,  is the one on neuroplasticity, which explores the concept of rewiring the brain. The video has been used by health organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic to help people decrease chronic pain.

It’s also one of many pieces of information shared in The Rose Remedy’s Partners in Pain Relief Program!

Rewiring the brain  can be life-changing for many. Have a look at the video:

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