Case Studies

Updated Case Studies

If you’ve ever wondered about the effectiveness of photonic light therapy, I’ve got a story to share with you about a client who used an at-home light-therapy device to treat a frozen shoulder  — and saw incredible improvement in just a week!

This client overdid it while exercising with weights. She was left with excruciating pain in her right arm; on a rising scale of 0 to 10, she rated her pain a 12-plus!

 After two weeks of taking anti-inflammatory medications and doing simple pendulum exercises, she was still in major pain, and incapable of performing even the simplest tasks, from brushing her hair to dressing herself, putting on makeup, holding a pen or cutting up her own food.

When she turned to me for help,  I treated her with laser and light therapy that led to some immediate improvement, but not enough. Since our schedules didn’t match for ongoing treatment, I gave her a  light therapy device that she could use herself at home with my coaching help.

That device was the Genesis Pain Relief Light, and, just six days after she started to use it, here is the content of a text she sent to me:

“I can lift my arm to 90 degrees and, with help, to about 135 [degrees]…. Pain is 2.5 to 3.5, and I can go about my day as normal, forgetting I have an injury,” she wrote.

She said she was once again able to carry out all of her regular daily-living activities, from dressing herself to making her own meals.

Her experience is just one example of how effective light therapy can be in treating injuries, reducing pain and bringing back functionality.

I have truly benefited from several of the components of The Rose Remedy; massage, yoga therapy and qigong. I am very thankful for this program in enabling me to become much less anxious, regain the ability to focus and concentrate, return to work and once again enjoy life.
– JuliaVanessa is professional and made me feel very comfortable in all of our sessions. She created a wellness plan that kept me motivated and has helped me change my bad habits.
– M.P.

I could never thank Vanessa enough for her positive energy and support. Just when I thought I reached my limits she showed me and helped me feel that what I thought was my limits, was just the beginning! She is truly one of a kind. When it comes to anyone who wants to make improvements in their lives as a whole, I will always point them in Vanessa’s direction!
– J.G.

As a competitive ballroom dancer, I have to deal with various physical and mental imbalances in my body and mind. Genya has helped me connect my physical expression with my emotional states.  He has helped me deal with postural issues, flexibility, and core strength. I feel stronger and more balanced in my body. I am also able to feel the relationship of these improvements to my creative states and psychological well being. I use the principles he taught me in my dancing and everyday life, Genya’s sessions have definitely had a positive impact on my professional and everyday life.