Tap away your troubles: my spouse’s experience

I am always advocating the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping.

So today, I’d like to turn over my blog post to my spouse, Alan, to share his own experience with EFT. Here’s Alan:

I was complaining to my wife, Gwen,  that my work stresses had lately been causing me to have stomach cramps that felt like there was a big brown ball pressing inside my abdomen.

“Let’s do some tapping,” she suggested, “but before we start, tell me, out of 10, how do you feel the pressure is at the moment?”  “A four or a five,” I replied.

So we began to tap together. I followed her lead by beginning the tapping sequence, starting with my eyebrows, moving to my temples and then down my face,  all the while acknowledging how the stresses made me feel in the moment.

We tapped together for a few minutes. When we stopped, she asked me the same question. “Now, out of 10, what does your abdomen feel like?”  This time, it was only “about a one  or two.”

After a couple more minutes of tapping, she asked me the question again. To my astonishment, I replied: “Wow, It’s totally gone… disappeared…amazing!!!”

I then casually look over at the pile of dinner dishes I’d promised to wash and thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I wonder….”

So, on my own, I began to tap. I began with my eyebrows, while repeating to myself that “I wish I hadn’t promised to wash the dishes.” I moved to my temples,  while saying, “I hate washing dishes.” Then, I tapped my eyebrows, asking myself, “why did I open my big mouth?”

After a few minutes, I stopped, glanced in the direction of the dishes and said to myself: ”Nope, they’re still there! Maybe I had better do more tapping.”

I knew the dishes wouldn’t magically disappear with more EFT. But I had also learned that my negative feelings about doing the dishes could really be diminished by the tapping.

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