SensoryOne’s transformative tool helps students and seniors with dementia

I recently introduced you to an exciting new association that my company, Wheels of Fitness, has made with Xlent Care Products and its subsidiary, SensoryOne.

I told you they had fantastic products, and now I’d like to introduce you to one of SensoryOne’s transformative tools geared to students at all learning levels and seniors with dementia.

That award-winning tool is the OMI Vista Interactive Projection System, a motion-activated projection system providing unique sensory and learning environments that encourage active participation, unlock users’ greatest potential and offer audio and visual rewards to keep them engaged.

The system is so simple to operate, offering more than 300 different applications, including more than 200 in each of the Autism Suite (for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder) and the Care Suite (geared to seniors).

These apps can be projected onto floors, tables, ceilings or walls (depending on the model) to take users on a variety of dynamic, engaging, stimulating and broadening journeys of discovery.

It is such pioneering interactive technology that its maker, OM Interactive (OMI), won the “outstanding dementia product” category in the National Dementia Care Awards 2018 in Britain.

The system is an invaluable educational aide for students of all ages, levels and abilities, including those with learning disabilities or mental or physical health concerns.

It helps unlock their potential in a variety of ways: It stimulates the imagination, boosts physical, emotional and cognitive development, promotes language and social skills, and improves coordination, independent thinking and awareness.

It offers opportunities to socialize and collaborate, and not only removes barriers to learning, but makes it fun!

When it comes to seniors, the system has shown many positive results when used in care settings, especially for those with dementia.

This system helps overcome many problems that seniors face, such as feeling isolated and mentally unchallenged and being passive, rather than active.

Regularly involving them in activities with powerful sensory stimuli that motivate movement, communication and mental engagement can help improve neurological pathways, language and communication skills, boost moods and emotional stability, physical energy levels, coordination, balance, and social interaction, create a sense of belonging and, ultimately, build an overall better quality of life.

Below, please have a look at how it works:

It can even be used on a table or on the floor by someone in a wheelchair. Watch how:

The Omi system is distributed by SensoryOne, which works closely with individuals and organizations to design custom, multi-sensory environments, understanding that powerful visual and auditory sensory stimuli help improve essential physical, cognitive, emotional, social and communication skills.

The team’s philosophy is that every person should have the opportunity to influence and interact with his or her environment.

SensoryOne continues to lead the way in creating and distributing inclusive, multi-sensory products and spaces that encourage engagement.


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