Retrain your brain to feel pleasure!

I am excited to announce the release of my own Positive Prime session! It’s called “Retrain your brain to feel pleasure!”

My session is part of a terrific tool I’ve already shared with you that can help someone feeling down in the dumps lift their mood in as little as three minutes.

The tool is a digital vision board that comes from Positive Prime Technology, an Australia-based company. The board offers audio-visual flash cards of carefully curated images, words and music that are associated with positive feelings.

My session encourages users to replace feelings of persistent pain with those of persistent pleasure through watching images and statements that evoke such a feeling. It’s based on principles of positive psychology and neuroplasticity, essentially to create new neural pathways that change one set of feelings for another.

The images and statements appeal to all five senses — for example, the sight of a child’s smile, the sound of favourite music, the smell of freshly baked bread, the touch of a loved one and the taste of delicious ice cream — to diminish feelings of pain and awaken those of pleasure.

I invite you to check out my session for FREE!

Click here to sign up. Use my referral code, Gwen-31, to watch “Retrain your brain to feel pleasure” as many times as you’d like. (I recommend you watch the session on speeds one or two for at least three minutes at a time.)

I hope that this session will bring you great rewards. Please let me know your thoughts about it.


Speaking of replacing pain with pleasure, I’d also like to invite you to join a new Facebook page that I am moderating that aims to create a community of support, motivation and inspiration for those who are in physical or emotional discomfort. You’ll also find practical tools and techniques to help dial down pain.

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