Resilience Reset Challenge: Improve your spiritual health

Spiritual health refers to having meaning and purpose in your life, as well as self-awareness, and feelings of being connected with yourself, others and the  larger realities around you.

Many studies have shown the importance of spiritual health.  One overview   reported that spiritual health leads to  “positive changes in health behaviors such as communication, diet activity, and treatment compliance, and a variety of beneficial physical and emotional health outcomes such as heart disease reversal, decreased cancer mortality, reduced anxiety, and improved mood states.”

Improving your spiritual health, as you can see, holds many benefits. That is why it is the second strategy being suggested as part of The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge, to help you strengthen your resilience and improve your health and happiness.

To help you along that course, I invite you to consider attending a one-day workshop called “Connect to Spirit,” which aims to help those on a spiritual path increase their awareness and presence of their spiritual guides and guardian angels It is being held by Rose Remedy coach Marg Hux and colleague Jo Ellen Dunn, who have used affirmative prayer, meditation and intuitional metaphysics along their journey.

The workshop aims to have participants “learn about mental, emotional, [and] spiritual levels of being…” and  how to  connect with their own spiritual guides.

The workshop is being held on Aug. 6, 2018 at Marg’s Mississauga home. The cost is $100, including refreshments and lunch. For more details or to register, please contact Marg by writing to her at

My own spiritual beliefs have become an increasingly important source of support and nurturing,  particularly during difficult, stressful and uncertain points in my life. You may find that a focus on your own spiritual health leads you to the same benefits. 

How do your own spiritual beliefs help you? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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