Pearls of wisdom from Day One of Tapping World Summit

As an ardent fan of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, I look forward to the annual Tapping World Summit, a 10-day, online event that  connects you with experts to help you learn all about this very effective technique.

As I write, the summit is ongoing. I’d like to share with you some of the pearls of wisdom I learned just on Day 1, when I listened to Dr. Kim D’Eramo, a U.S. emergency medicine physician.

This will give you a glimpse of how much worthy information is to be gleaned from this valuable summit!

Here is some of what I took away from her talk:

1. Most people in emergency departments  suffer from stress-related illnesses. By decreasing the stress reactions and “stabilizing the chemical reactions in the body,” it’s easier to determine what, if any, medical symptoms are present.

2. By living in the moment, and not thinking about past regrets or future fears, you can be in tune with your body and inner landscape. That puts you in a better position to know what you need to heal.

3. We need to accept our emotions, especially our negative ones, so that we can release them. (I’m a big believer in this one!).

Dr. D’Eramo gave a wonderful example of how, as children, we’re told not to express our emotions, for example, not to cry, because it’s inconvenient for a parent or caregiver to deal with.

As the parent of a three-year-old child herself, she understands how many parents and caregivers worried, for example, about being late find it easier to just try to hush a child.

Dr. D’Eramo, however, takes an extra few minutes to ask her child a simple question: “What do you need?”

Most often, the answer is something small and quick to address. More importantly, her child isn’t being taught to suppress her feelings, as most of us were as children.

Dr D’Eramo’s insights are among many to be found at the summit dedicated to tapping.  That’s why I am such a fan of tapping and the event dedicated to it.

What pearls of wisdom have you learned from the summit? Please share them here.

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