Health Coaching

Individuals work collaboratively with expert coaches to focus on physical and emotional well-being, including the six R’s of stress management: reflection, responsibility, relaxation, relationships, refuelling and recreation.

Our health coaches include former police officers; holistic health practitioners; hypnotherapists; physiotherapists; psychologists; chiropractors; fitness experts; nutritionists; and, nurses.

Programs are individualized to help identify and examine key areas of change. Participants work together with coaches in a non-judgmental environment to create awareness, motivation and steps to increase health and well-being. Our coaching uses the latest Internet technology to support and monitor progress.

We also hold group teleconferences. Individuals can join in topic-of-the-week discussions led by experts in a field, either as an active participant or a passive listener. In such discussions, it is easier to identify with others and gain knowledge and support.

Topics include:

  • Body/Mind Reaction to Stress
  • Eliciting the Relaxation Response
  • Exercise to Decrease Stress
  • Creating Positive Changes
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • Relationships and Effective Communication
  • Adrenal Dysfunction and Addictions
  • Laughter and Recreation