Our Program

After being assessed by a physiotherapist, eligible individuals work collaboratively with expert coaches, via phone, Skype or VSee.

Increases stress awareness

Learn how stress reactions greatly affect your mental, emotional and physical well-being, as well as your behaviour. Learn how to identify your specific stress triggers.

Change stress reactions to produce healthier responses

Learn how to keep negative reactions at bay, and respond in a healthier way.

Elicit the “relaxation response” and “emotional release”

Learn tools and techniques that counteract the negative effects of stress, including mind clearing; emotional freedom techniques (EFT), also known as tapping meditations; movement meditations such as qigong; deep breathing; guided imagery; visualizations; thought-shift techniques and more!

Prevent or eliminate pain

Learn how you can help your body heal itself naturally, without drugs or medications.

Enable and maintain healthier lifestyle choices

Scientific research shows that, over the age of 50, 80 percent of how we age depends on our lifestyle choices.

Specific goals and strategies, along with support and accountability, lead to lasting healthier lifestyles.