More great coverage of the many benefits of EFT

The many benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, in helping to relieve stress, anxiety and chronic pain are  continuing to receive lots of media coverage.

Last week, I featured a TEDx talk by Peta Stapleton, a psychologist and leading researcher into EFT. If you missed the video, please click here to watch it.

Now, the Toronto Star has featured an article by an enthusiastic  user of EFT entitled “How tapping helped me change my life last year.”

In it, the writer says that “tapping has become an almost daily part of [her] life,” and has “absolutely been working for” her in helping to offer relief from stress and “emotional pain.”

With tapping, she writes, “I feel a natural high that can last all day!!!”

To read the article, please click here.

 I’d also like to share with you the  case study of a client of The Rose Remedy,  who has sung the praises of EFT in helping her rid chronic chest pain!

My client is a busy nurse and mother of three, who was first seen last year during one of The Rose Remedy’s pilot programs.

She complained of longstanding,  persistent pain in her neck, shoulders, low back and chest.  At the time, certain movements, such as driving, lifting clients and bending over them to do wound care, aggravated the pain. She also noticed that stress was a major contributing factor to her pain.  Massage, chiropractor care and physiotherapy in the past resulted only in slight, temporary relief.

After just five sessions of EFT to decrease the stress and repressed emotional issues, she was thrilled to report that the chronic chest pain she had experienced for many years was completely gone and that, in  other areas of her body,  she had remarkably less pain.

She remained that way for almost a year.  She recently came back to The Rose Remedy program for more treatment with EFT and some of our other advanced and unique physiotherapy tools.

Along with one treatment of laser and red and infra-red LED lights, she once again felt significant and immediate pain relief. And further tapping helped to release some recent severe emotional triggers.

My client is thrilled to start another year almost pain-free, allowing her to remain an active professional and mother!

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