Meet Soundbeam, the musical instrument that anyone can play!

No matter what a person’s physical or cognitive abilities are, anyone can  create his or her own music with the use of  Soundbeam  the award-winning “invisible keyboard in space!”

That’s the magic of this touch-free device that uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and other sounds.

It’s no surprise that  Soundbeam  continues to be one of the world leaders in music therapy for those with special needs.

Many years of research have shown that music is one of the most meaningful activities that a person can be involved in, increasing engagement and fostering joy.

This remarkable assistive music technology gives users the power to unlock their self-expression, boost their independence and increase their social interaction, all while providing a  potentially life-changing experience of being able to say: “I did that!”

Using Soundbeam to create music is not only fun but an empowering experience, increasing the sense of self-worth and self-esteem for all those who, until using this technology, could only listen to music, not produce their own!

When we demonstrate  Soundbeam at trade shows, we hear, over and over again, how exciting it is to finally have a way for people with special needs to create their own music!

To see Soundbeam in use by a student in a wheelchair during a music class, please click below:

To learn how Soundbeam works,  watch this video:

Here’s what some people have had to say about this fantastic technology:

Soundbeam  provides teachers with a new means of developing pupils’ creative imaginations across the curriculum.” — Prof. Helen Coll, University of Central England

One of the things schools have trouble with is creating ‘awe and wonder. With Soundbeam, we’ve certainly achieved that…Magical…-Sam Woodward, Forest Way School

“It’s amazing to see how ingenious people are in using Soundbeam, and also how truly liberating it can be!” — John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin

If you would like to have a demonstration, please contact Terry:
Toll-free: 1877-232-3320 ext. 702
Cellular: 705-875-4778

Soundbeam is distributed  by SensoryOne,  which works closely with individuals and organizations to design custom,  multi-sensory environments,  understanding that powerful visual and auditory sensory stimuli help to improve essential physical, cognitive, emotional, social and communication skills.

The team’s philosophy is that every person should have the opportunity to influence and interact with his or her environment!

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