It’s weird, but it works!

“ It’s weird, but it works.”

My heart almost stopped when I heard my six-year-old grandson utter those very words to me.

He had been upset over something and I found him in his room, his head buried in his pillow. Trying to distract him, I decided to relate a story about a client of mine who had been knocked over by a dog and suffered a broken leg. To help my client overcome his feelings of anger and frustration connected with the incident, I told my grandson, I had encouraged him to try the emotional freedom technique (EFT), a type of tapping meditation.

Mid-story, my grandson lifted his head from his pillow and exclaimed, “Yes, it works. It’s weird but it works.”

Previously, I had tried to teach my grandson how to use EFT as a self-help tool whenever he was upset, angry or had any negative thoughts. But I never realized how much attention he was actually paying to it.

Turns out, he had done some tapping all on his own to help a situation he found himself in. ” I was scared to go to this large playground,” he said, and so “I did it, and it works!”

I was thrilled that my grandson was able to benefit from my professional skills and knowledge. And I hope he’ll keep on tapping his way to inner peace as he continues to grow up.

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