How to up your self-love

Have you ever wondered what “self-love” actually looks like in practice?

In today’s blog, I am sharing psychotherapist and transformation coach Terri Cole’s video and blog on this question.

Before you watch the video, please take a moment to assess your feelings about yourself right now.

How do you speak to yourself when you make a mistake?  How worthy and lovable do you truly feel? How valuable do you think you are?

Regardless of your answers, the goal is for you to build a healthy, positive relationship with yourself. How you feel about yourself sets the bar  for all of your other relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Watch the video and learn how to create real self-love in five simple steps.

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In practice, authentic self-love looks like you regarding yourself in the same positive way that you do other people you love; holding yourself in high esteem; treating yourself with respect; speaking kindly about yourself and to yourself.

 Terri identifies five simple steps to real self-love.  Now, I don’t necessarily think they’re always easy, but they’re not complicated if you harness the power of your intention.

1. Self-knowledge

 People who take the time to deeply know themselves tend to have more self-love.

2. Show self-compassion

The key to self-love is being kind to yourself – and not having that inner “mean girl” dialogue going all the time.

3. Practice self forgiveness

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

4. Crush your racket

Your “racket” is the limiting story you tell yourself about your worth, capabilities and potential.

5. Become a boundary Ninja

When you set limits, and say ‘no’ to things that deplete or harm you – physically, emotionally  or spiritually – this is a way of practicing and creating more self-love.

Psychotherapist and transformation coach Terri Cole’s website can be found here.

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