Having happier residents, clients, patients and staff!

Wow! I’ve received so many fantastic responses to the Positive Prime digital audio-video sessions that people tested last week in response to my newsletters.

It makes my heart happy to know these are being read, and people are finding value in them. So, thank you!

Some of the registrations came from long-term-care facilities, many from clinics and a few from hospitals. This got me thinking.

What if Prime Positive’s “Getting happier” or “Loving life” sessions (minus their music components) were played on monitors in the common areas of these public spaces?

How would they  affect the staff? The residents? The clients? And the patients?

Seeing a stream of bright, happy, funny pictures would certainly affect their “non-conscious minds” in a very positive way.

According to Dr. Paul Scheele, CEO of Scheele Learning Systems and founding partner of Learning Strategies Corp., “our non-conscious mind is a powerful part, and that’s the part of us that’s really running the show.

“It’s your non-conscious mind that controls your automatic and unconscious behaviors like habit preferences, values and emotions. It’s really the non-conscious mind that’s running our lives.”
He offers some very insightful food for thought.

To watch and hear Dr. Scheele discuss the science behind the technology, please click into the video below.


I wonder, with our non-conscious minds absorbing all of these happy, positive thoughts and images, would there be less “unfavourable behaviour?” Overall improved dispositions? Individuals more content and open to learning what you are about to teach them? I feel very strongly there would be!

Now, and always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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