Four ways to collaborate with your mind to get what you want

One of the best collaborations you can make is between you and your own mind, says Marisa Peer, a British therapist, motivational speaker and best-selling author.

In the YouTube video below, she talks about the four ways you can train your brain so that you can reach beyond your limits — in any area of life.

The points she makes are very much in keeping with The Rose Remedy’s teachings about neuroplasticity, and how we can retrain our brain to help reduce pain.

So what are her four key points?

First, she says, your mind “does exactly, specifically, what it thinks you want it to do,” and “it always does what it thinks is in your very best interests  If you haven’t got what you want, but you have behaviours you don’t want, you are not collaborating properly with your mind.”

Second, your mind is “hard-wired to move you toward pleasure and away from pain.”

Third, “the way you feel about everything all the time is only down to two things: the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.”

And finally, “your mind loves what is familiar. It is programmed to keep going over and over again what is familiar. If you want to succeed at any level, you have got to make what is familiar unfamiliar, and what is unfamiliar familiar.”

To listen to Ms. Peer explore these four points and learn more about how you can retrain your mind to do what you want it to, please watch the video below.


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