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Retrain your brain to feel pleasure!

I am excited to announce the release of my own Positive Prime session! It’s called “Retrain your brain to feel pleasure!” My session is part of a terrific tool I’ve already shared with you that can help someone feeling down in the dumps lift their mood in as little as three minutes. The tool is […]

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Meet Soundbeam, the musical instrument that anyone can play!

No matter what a person’s physical or cognitive abilities are, anyone can  create his or her own music with the use of  Soundbeam  the award-winning “invisible keyboard in space!” That’s the magic of this touch-free device that uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and other sounds. It’s no surprise that  Soundbeam  continues to be one of […]

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Why You Should Choose Happiness…

In my past few blogs I’ve really focused on getting happier and transitioning into a more positive state of mind with the help of the amazing sessions offered through Positive Prime. I was excited to see they’re partnered with Shawn Achor, a Harvard researcher in the area of positive psychology and author of the New […]

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Evidence supports light therapy for post-concussion syndrome and much more!

I have a few clients with post-concussion syndrome resulting from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). I’ve been using laser and LEDs  (light-emitting diodes) to treat their body pain, with significant success. For a couple of those clients, I have also started to use light therapy — red and near infra-red lights, or what is now referred […]

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Four signs you are Vitamin D-deficient, and how to prevent it

Researchers have estimated that 50 per cent of the general population is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency. One of the most notable researchers is Dr. Michael Holick,  who wrote the book, The Vitamin D Solution. Four signs that you are Vitamin D-deficient, according to Dr. Holick, are: 1. You frequently feel fatigue, aches and […]

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Understanding neuroplasticity to dial down persistent pain

Studies show that  understanding how our pain system works, what can go wrong with it, and the concept of neuroplasticity can help decrease chronic or persistent pain, promote faster healing and transform lives. Sentis, an Australian company concerned with workplace safety, has come out with a series of  “brain animation” videos  that simplify complex psychology […]

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Must-see video on resilience and HeartMath!

I have talked many times on this blog about the importance of resilience.  I’d like to share with you a fabulous video created by the HeartMath Institute that takes a closer look  at the inter-connection of body, mind and emotions in  boosting your resilience. Learn, as the video says, how “you can roll with the […]

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Turning disappointment into opportunity: How my own resilience paid off

The saying goes that, when one door closes, another opens. With that in mind, I’d like to share with you a personal story about how resilience led me from a great disappointment to an exciting opportunity! Here’s  the back story: Last year, I was exhibiting at a trade show during a conference for long-term-care homes. […]

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