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Why Positive Prime works to decrease pain and improve health

I want to thank so many of you who have sent me positive comments about my Positive Prime session, “Retrain your brain to feel pleasure.” This session is part of a tool that I’ve already shared with you that can make someone feel more positive in as little as three minutes. The tool is a digital vision board that […]

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An easy way to lift your mood in just three minutes!

Often, clients who are suffering from physical problems also find themselves in emotional distress. To help them, I’ve  been turning clients onto a marvellous tool I recently discovered that can help someone down in the dumps feel their mood brighten in as little as three minutes! The tool is a digital vision board that comes […]

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Understanding neuroplasticity to dial down persistent pain

Studies show that  understanding how our pain system works, what can go wrong with it, and the concept of neuroplasticity can help decrease chronic or persistent pain, promote faster healing and transform lives. Sentis, an Australian company concerned with workplace safety, has come out with a series of  “brain animation” videos  that simplify complex psychology […]

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