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Seven ways to love thyself

In The Purpose Fairy’s January blog, writer Paisley Hansen explains why it’s important to focus on yourself before you can focus on others. You’ll always have “you” to fall back on if you’re able to. Even if your life goes along perfectly and  your relationships are always intact,  it’s always best to make sure you’re […]

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Three reasons why my mom will only use a Volaris walker

My mother is one of those very proud and independent women who used to say: “I will never use a walker to help me walk.” It reminded me of the shock I felt while working in a nursing home when I overheard residents say that  they would “rather die than use a walker.” My mom […]

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Movement can be both entertainment and good medicine

I recently went to a wonderful acrobatics show. It was really amazing to watch the strength, co-ordination, timing, precision and trust in each other that the performers displayed. Every movement left me in awe. I could only imagine the time, focus and dedication they had all put into the performance to get that good. I […]

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