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Why Positive Prime works to decrease pain and improve health

I want to thank so many of you who have sent me positive comments about my Positive Prime session, “Retrain your brain to feel pleasure.” This session is part of a tool that I’ve already shared with you that can make someone feel more positive in as little as three minutes. The tool is a digital vision board that […]

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An easy way to lift your mood in just three minutes!

Often, clients who are suffering from physical problems also find themselves in emotional distress. To help them, I’ve  been turning clients onto a marvellous tool I recently discovered that can help someone down in the dumps feel their mood brighten in as little as three minutes! The tool is a digital vision board that comes […]

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Seven ways to love thyself

In The Purpose Fairy’s January blog, writer Paisley Hansen explains why it’s important to focus on yourself before you can focus on others. You’ll always have “you” to fall back on if you’re able to. Even if your life goes along perfectly and  your relationships are always intact,  it’s always best to make sure you’re […]

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Movement can be both entertainment and good medicine

I recently went to a wonderful acrobatics show. It was really amazing to watch the strength, co-ordination, timing, precision and trust in each other that the performers displayed. Every movement left me in awe. I could only imagine the time, focus and dedication they had all put into the performance to get that good. I […]

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After self-love, true love comes next

 Last week,  I shared a guest post from psychotherapist and transformation coach Terri Cole on “self-love.” If you missed it, please have a look at it now. There’s more to say on the subject. Your level of self-love directly affects your ability to attract and nurture “true love.” When Terri refers to true love, she  means healthy love. […]

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Resilience Reset Challenge: Get out of the “mindset war”

Here is the next strategy in  The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge, as described by psychologist Rick Hanson: Get out of the mindset war. Here’s Rick: By “war” I mean here a mindset, not combat between nations with tanks and bombs. The “war” I’m referring to is an attitude of conflict and animosity toward a person, object  or condition. […]

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Resilience Reset Challenge: Spend time in nature

After several weeks of cottage living, I am feeling more serene and rejuvenated. It’s not only taking in the wonderful lakeside view or the gorgeous sunsets. It’s the chance to live in the present in all of the beauty of nature – a place that is perfect for meditation. Walking meditations are a great way […]

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Resilience Reset Challenge: How to stop procrastinating

I am delighted to share this guest blog post written by health coach Stephenie Farrell, who works with The Rose Remedy. Procrastination is a common problem; learning what’s behind it, and how to overcome it,  is the fourth strategy of  The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge, to help you strengthen your resilience and improve your health and happiness. […]

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Resilience Reset Challenge: Unlock the happiness within

We’ve all heard how laughter is the best medicine for both mind and body, with a host of benefits. Laughter can even be a mild workout! Have a look at the video below featuring stress management consultant, transformation coach and laughter yoga instructor Kerry Garnier, with fellow laughter yoga instructor Marjorie Wingrove: Happiness is crucial to […]

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Resilience Reset Challenge: Improve your spiritual health

Spiritual health refers to having meaning and purpose in your life, as well as self-awareness, and feelings of being connected with yourself, others and the  larger realities around you. Many studies have shown the importance of spiritual health.  One overview   reported that spiritual health leads to  “positive changes in health behaviors such as communication, diet activity, and […]

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