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What is tapping? Check out this documentary film trailer!

If you’ve read many of my past e-mails and blogs,  you’ll know that I am a big fan of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or tapping. I use it personally, with family and friends, and with clients, to reduce stress and physical pain.  I also promote it to other healthcare professionals to use with their clients. Tapping […]

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Evidence supports light therapy for post-concussion syndrome and much more!

I have a few clients with post-concussion syndrome resulting from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). I’ve been using laser and LEDs  (light-emitting diodes) to treat their body pain, with significant success. For a couple of those clients, I have also started to use light therapy — red and near infra-red lights, or what is now referred […]

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Four ways to collaborate with your mind to get what you want

One of the best collaborations you can make is between you and your own mind, says Marisa Peer, a British therapist, motivational speaker and best-selling author. In the YouTube video below, she talks about the four ways you can train your brain so that you can reach beyond your limits — in any area of […]

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