An easy way to lift your mood in just three minutes!

Often, clients who are suffering from physical problems also find themselves in emotional distress.

To help them, I’ve  been turning clients onto a marvellous tool I recently discovered that can help someone down in the dumps feel their mood brighten in as little as three minutes!

The tool is a digital vision board that comes from Positive Prime Technology, an Australia-based company. Its proprietary technology and platform, based on principles of  psychology and neuroscience, helps bring positive change to how people are feeling.

How does it work? The digital board offers audio-visual flash cards of carefully curated images, words and music that are associated with positive feelings. Each of these digital board short presentations is called a “session.” Positive Prime offers a host of sessions on many different topics, including a “getting happier” one.

The sessions, the company says, “prime the mind to achieve a cognitive, positive state that improves performance, focus, health and happiness” in as little as three minutes.

And my clients  find  it really does work!

You should try it, too! I invite you to take this opportunity to check out the happiness session or any of Positive Prime’s other session topics that might interest you for FREE.

Click here  to sign up. Use my referral code: Gwen-31.  That will give each of us 120 “credits.” Since a session “costs” 120 credits, you can use the ones you are awarded to get your first session for free.

The more you watch, the more credits you get, and the more sessions you can participate in.

It’s really cool to see how the powerful pictures and positive statements are so effective. I love the way your name flashes on the vision board when you sign up.

So, register right now, try out a session, and let me know your thoughts.

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