How physiotherapy can help combat stress

When people are injured, they readily think of turning to a physiotherapist to help alleviate pain. But when they are feeling the effects of stress, many may not realize that some physiotherapists (including me!)  are specially trained and can be the perfect practitioners to help find relief.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s website makes many mentions of  “health promotion, prevention and wellness programs.” While reducing stress is not specifically mentioned, “there are many places where this could fit in this description,” says Melissa Anderson,  senior policy adviser for the association.

“The breadth of [their] services is so broad (and ever-changing) that a list would only serve to limit what a physiotherapist can do,” Ms. Anderson adds.

So what does this mean for you? It means that a program such as The Rose Remedy can be of great assistance in helping you combat stress and its negative effects,  and know that you have a trained and experienced professional behind you.  

It also means that you may find your extended health care plan may help cover the costs under physiotherapy services.