A new association, entering the multi-sensory world!

A Sensory One wall panel
Many years ago, when I worked as a physiotherapist in long-term care, I was shocked by how many residents were wheelchair-dependent because they had lost their functional fitness.
I was also saddened by the sight of many of them sitting around for most of the day doing practically nothing — lacking stimulation, often agitated and having few opportunities to socially interact in a meaningful way with other residents, staff and their own families.
These were some of the reasons why I felt compelled to start my company, Wheels of Fitness Inc., to source, design and develop innovative products, programs and services to enhance the fitness, safety and quality of life of seniors, people with chronic diseases or having disabilities.
I have always dedicated myself to promoting products that help people help themselves!
So I am delighted to share with you my latest find! I am proud to announce that Wheels of Fitness has teamed up with Xlent Care Products Inc., and its division, Sensory One, which offer some fabulous products that fit perfectly with my company’s mission.
Xlent Care distributes the Volaris Rollator, a top-quality walker that is light, streamlined, easy to maneuver and allows users to stand straight within its frame.
As I’ve told you in a previous posting, it’s the only walker my mother will use!
Sensory One specializes in offering the best in multisensory equipment, distributing a wide range of products to long-term-care facilities,  educational  and special-needs environments. Its products offer stimulation, education, calming and soft-play exercise.
Truly, there are so many wonderful products that it’s hard to list them all.  They include motion-activated and passive projection systems, glimmering fiber-optics, beautiful bubble tubes, colourful and creative tactile panels and murals, spectacular sound and light panels and floors,  and the use of sensor technology devices.
You have to see them! One way to do that is to glance through the Mike Ayres Design catalogue.
Mike  is a professional  designer we now represent who has 35 years of experience developing and creating inclusive multi-sensory environments, equipment and products. Many of them have been recognized, some winning awards, for their high quality and innovation.

You can download Mike’s catalogue from this link on our website.

I am very excited to be associated with these dazzling products. In coming days, I will tell you more. And I am confident that you will become excited, too!



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