A medical miracle, a story of inspiration: Meet Noah Wall

When Noah Wall was still in the womb, his parents were presented with devastating news: He had severe spina bifada, hydrocephalus and just 2 per cent of his brain. He was not expected to survive at birth.

But Noah, who lives in Cumbria, England, has confounded the worldwide medical community and defied the odds, growing into a 7-year-old boy who can see, hear, communicate and, while paralyzed from the chest down, hopes one day to be able to walk.

Astonishingly, as he has aged, his brain mass has reached 80 per cent.

While doctors are still trying to figure out this medical miracle, Noah’s is a story of such hope, courage, perseverance and inspiration that I felt I had to share it with you.

His story also shows how endless the possibilities are, and how help can come in many different ways, including technology, to turn those possibilities into realities.

Recently, I told you about OM Interactive (OMI)’s interactive motion-activated projection systems, which come with more than 200  interactive images for sensory, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and older adults users.  (Click here if you missed it.)

It was on a recent trip to England to see this manufacturer that I learned about Noah, who has become the company’s ambassador

Noah came to the attention of OMI in 2013, when a British reality TV show decided to put Cumbria’s community to work to rebuild the Wall family’s crumbling house.

As part of that project, OMI donated a sensory floor, one of its OmiVista systems, hoping its interactive technology could help to stimulate Noah’s movement and mind, boost his communication skills and offer him a way to develop his imagination and play.

Noah still uses the system regularly for sensory stimulation.

“It’s absolutely incredible how this has helped him,” his mother, Shelly, told me. “He has gotten so much benefit since day one, and still does.”

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I want you to see Noah in action with his sensory floor. Please have a look at the collage of photos below.

For a snapshot of Noah’s remarkable journey, have a look at this video:

If you would like to see OMI’s interactive system in action projected on a table or floor, please have a look at the video below.

Noah continues to make extraordinary progress, including the knowledge that he’ll engage in neurophysics therapy when he is 12 years old to enable him to walk.  Noah’s “dream is to run, and then walk,” his mom says.

But with all of the specialized programs, equipment and other resources needed to help his development, his family faces great costs.

If you’ve been touched at all by his story, I urge you to consider making  a donation to him which, with your support, will allow his family to continue to help him with all that he needs.

You can contribute by going directly his website, Hugs for Noah,  where you can learn more about this remarkable boy, as well as find the donation area on the left-hand side of the front page.

“The  things Noah can do amaze  us every day,” his mom says. Please support him in continuing on his amazing journey.

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