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Resilience Reset Challenge: Improve your spiritual health

Spiritual health refers to having meaning and purpose in your life, as well as self-awareness, and feelings of being connected with yourself, others and the  larger realities around you. Many studies have shown the importance of spiritual health.  One overview   reported that spiritual health leads to  “positive changes in health behaviors such as communication, diet activity, and […]

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Take part in The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge!

Summer is a great time to focus on renewing and refreshing our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.  An important aspect of that renewal is   strengthening and building our resilience. That’s why I’d like to invite you to join in The Rose Remedy’s Resilience Reset Challenge! As  its name implies, this challenge is designed to help […]

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No jet lag! How I did it

It’s been go-go-go ever since I returned home from Africa. I’ve been spending time with family and friends, and getting caught up on work. I have spent many hours in a pool with my grandchildren and even went indoor rock-climbing with one of them. I’ve also been very busy with my mother, who suffered a […]

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Writing a new narrative: From Crybaby to Fierce Tears

I am delighted to share this guest blog post from Eleanor Edgar, who works with The Rose Remedy.  “So, what name would you give to this problem of overly active tear ducts?” I was asked. “Crybaby,”  I replied without hesitation. I  have always been a very sensitive person, and this sensitivity caused me a lot […]

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Allergies, be gone! How Meta-Health and NLP can help

Before I left for Africa, I was suffering from a lingering cough. For help, I turned to Pushpa Bansal, a health coach who works with The Rose Remedy. She used her knowledge of Meta-Health and NLP to help me get rid of my cough before my African adventure began. Here is a guest blog post […]

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Appreciation meditations: a path to good health!

I’m heading off for an exciting safari vacation in several parts of Africa. Now, if only I could get rid of the cough that has been pestering me before my flight lands. I’ve been doing my best to make it go away,  using all of the usual treatments, from rest to Vitamin C. But I’ve […]

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Tap away your troubles: my spouse’s experience

I am always advocating the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping. So today, I’d like to turn over my blog post to my spouse, Alan, to share his own experience with EFT. Here’s Alan: I was complaining to my wife, Gwen,  that my work stresses had lately been causing me to […]

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A simple way to change stressful thoughts

I have been doing a number of workshops focused on stress reduction, and a great  technique for cutting stress reactions is to follow a negative thought you might have with a positive thought. One of the best ways you can do that is to practice gratitude. For example, you might have the negative thought of […]

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