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EFT brings solace to California wildfire victims

Amid the deadly wildfires ravaging Northern California, one EFT practitioner has brought solace to some of the victims through the use of tapping. In a Facebook post, Rob Nelson reported that 18 EFT practitioners, along with eight volunteers, came together to offer a day of EFT sessions to victims of the fires in Santa Rosa, […]

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Good, good, good, vibrations for vibrant health

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. It has become well-established that energy, or chi, flows through our bodies, nourishing our cells and organs to maintain health and vitality. But if this energy gets blocked, disturbed or weakened, tissues and organ functions become restricted, and our bodies become pre-disposed […]

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Forward-thinking U.S. schools add EFT to teaching toolboxes

Forward-thinking schools are now adding Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as tapping, to their teaching toolboxes, and seeing the benefits it can bring to everyone, from principals to teachers, admin staff and students. Tapping has been proven to be a very effective self-regulation and resiliency tool. One key benefit is that it can be […]

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